Mahesh Chaudhari, Ph.D.

Data Evangelist and Avid Photographer

Helping you follow your dreams and passion

Hi, I’m Mahesh! Here you will find information on database design, data modeling, distributed data processing, cloud computing. Also visit my photo gallery that depicts my various styles of photography. Visit my blog where I write about technical details about databases, photography and a little bit of everything regarding fitness, health, & finance.

My Values & Beliefs


I have achieved excellence in data modeling, database design & query languages by working in different domains. I am passionate about my work and I work hard to deliver the best work while keeping things in balance.


I am persistent in overcoming my obstacles and challenges. This ensures guaranteed success in solving hard problems and come up with creative solutions.


Being consistent has given steadiness to my career and being reliable to perform my responsibilities and duties.


I am very clear in my communication and I value collaboration, coordination, and collective decision making.

My Journey

I am a Data Architect at heart. I have always being fascinated by exploring efficient ways to organize data and process data more effectively and efficiently.

With this in mind, I have ventured into different domains to build effective models organizing data at scale from megabytes to terabytes. I have designed integration systems to combine data from hundreds of heterogeneous data sources.

I have also worked on defining data infrastructure and data workflows in Cloud and in Data Warehouses.

Along with pursing career in database design, query processing and optimization, I have focused on my passion in photography. I have dwelled in different styles such as landscape, nature, macro, portrait and night time photography.

I still have to experiment with stellar photography. But one day I would get that opportunity to venture into that avenue as well.


Recently I have picked up jogging and running long distances. Since March 2019, I have done 8 10K (6.2 miles) and many smaller runs. This has given me personal space to focus on my endurance, persistence & consistency to achieve the goals.

I am planning to continue with this with a goal of reaching a stage where I can run Half Marathons and if possible full Marathon.

I am passionate about learning new things. While experimenting with my camera for various styles of photography, I learned how to use Lightroom for post photo processing. However, all the photos on this website are original and not the processed ones.

I also started learning about investments and finance. I started late to all the finance management. However, I am picking up things as we speak.

Want to know more about me?

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