Photo Gallery

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National Parks

Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Yosemite

Cities in US

Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Tempe, San Francisco

Cities in India

Pune, Mumbai, Bangaluru, Mysore

World Tour

Singapore, International Airports

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Capturing LifeTime Memories

This section of the portal provides glimpses to the world of memories that I have captured over last decade. I have used various different cameras over this period to capture events, and places I have visited.

Skills in Photography!


National Parks, Cityscapes, Nature,


Mostly Portraits of family members, friends

Macro Photography

Flowers, Toys, Regular Objects

Event Photography

Weddings, Birthday Parties, Other Ceremonies and Events

Photo Gallery

Some of the photos that I took on our various different vacations. This also showcases some of the macro photos that I took of flowers and Toys.

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