Building Large Scale Data Infrastructure

Hands On Career

Neustar Inc.

Principal Software Engineer

Zephyr Health

Software Architect

Mississippi State University

Software Engineer

Indian Institute of Technology

Software Engineer

Enabling and presenting meaningful information from data

Career Advancements.

I have been working with various databases since my undergraduate courses in India. I started with Microsoft Access and Forms in my first inventory control application using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access.  Then I started with design and modeling of relational databases to hold multimedia objects along with traditional relational information in Oracle 8i. Since then, I have developed various applications that interact with data stored in XML databases, and SQL Server. Over time, I have gained expertise in large scale distributed data processing and building complex data pipelines over heterogenous data sources, optimizing queries over Spark, Hive, Redshift, & various relational databases.


Database Systems

MongoDB, Neo4j, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Hive, MS SQL, Oracle 11g.

Query Languages

SQL, Cypher, LINQ, XQuery, NoSQL, HiveQL

Programming Languages

Scala, Java, C#, C/C++

XML Technologies


Distributed Systems

Kafka Event Framework, Map Reduce, Spark, Spark Streaming

Cloud Technologies

AWS Console, AWS Command Line, SQS, SNS, S3, EMR, EC2 and other technologies

Agile Technologies

Stash, Git, Sourcetree, Jenkins, Bamboo

Other Technologies

Sybase Complex Event Stream Processor, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Android SDK, QuickGraph 3.6, Groovy and Grails

@ Neustar, Inc.

As the principal design engineer for Data Science Development Kit (DSDK), I have been focusing on building state of the art pipeline for processing terabytes of digital campaign data  augmented with personalized identity resolution graph enabling clients to build their own analytic models.

@ Zephyr Health

Starting as a senior software engineer in the platform engineering group, I focused on building a data integration system for health care data for pharmaceutical companies. The integration system provides a homogeneous view over various data sources that powered Analytics Solution Application for pharmaceutical companies. Promoting to Chief Architect position, I designed and developed Complex Sales Analytics Solution fetching multi-million dollar contract. Gaining experience in designing ontology-driven domain models over wide variety of data, I architected an event and stream based system for promoting incremental data to the domain models using Kafka.

@ Mississippi State

At SPAR, a research facility at Mississippi State University, I focused on building a Real-time data acquisition and control system to process streaming sensor data over HP Agilent 34970A data acquisition/switch units. I redesigned the data acquisition and control system using Visual Basic 6.0 to communicate with the hardware devices for processing incoming streams on 180 channels and outgoing streams on 300 channels within a time frame of 10 seconds. The system was designed to be resilient and support controlling 10 outdoor naturally-lit chambers 24/7 for determining plant responses to a variety of environmental factors.

@ IIT, Mumbai

The focus here was to get roots strong in object-oriented development and modeling and designing an object-relational database in Oracle for Aeronautics Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore.

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