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Arizona State University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Arizona State University

Research Assistant

Arizona State University

Research Assistant

Mississippi State University

Research Assistant

Innovation through Research and Practical Implementation

Research Career

I started my research at Mississippi State University  developing new techniques to index XML documents containing Geneological data and build search index using XPath query language. At Arizona State University, I continued with research in building large database of 3D faces for authentication and recognition research project. I worked on my Ph.D. with focus on distributed computing specializing in multiple query optimization over heterogeneous data sources in a distributed event and stream processing environment. I had my own NSF funded research grant for 3 years which supported my research as well as supported 2 undergraduate students. I continued to work as a postdoctoral researcher for one more year, where I developed a database benchmark to test the heterogeneous data sources environment. This resulted in another 6-month supplemental grant from NSF. At the ASU, West Campus, we were able to incorporate this benchmark into our database curriculum to enhance the learnings of students majoring in Databases.

Research Interests

Database Systems and Query Languages

Big Data Processing Technologies

Enterprise Integration

Distributed Databases

Object-Relational and Object-Oriented databases

Service Oriented Architecture

Multiple Query Processing & Optimization

Events & Stream Processing

Incremental View Maintenance & Condition Monitoring over distributed heterogeneous data sources

My Research Journey

@ Arizona State University

During my tenure as post-doctoral researcher from 2011-2012, I focused on building a hybrid benchmark to evaluate the performance of a distributed environment for processing large scale data in heterogeneous  data format. I transformed the relational TPC-H data model into heterogeneous relational and XML data model. I also designed the 22 TPC-H SQL queries into LINQ queries to evaluate over these heterogeneous  data sources of varying scale factor.

@Arizona State University

In my Ph.D., I focused on developing a distributed event and stream processing system based on autonomous agents working and processing heterogeneous data collaboratively (DEPAs). As part of this research, I designed and developed novel algorithm for detecting common subexpressions over queries expressed in different query languages. I also designed a new way to define materialized views over relational and XML data sources. Finally, to update these materialized views, I used streaming approach over magic sets to stream the deltas and propagate the relevant changes to update the views.

@Arizona State University

I worked in the PRISM lab for 3 years as research assistant on NSF sponsored project on Authentication and Recognition of 3D Faces. Here I designed and developed the data models for storing and retrieving information on 3D images. This was designed as a hybrid model where part of the information was in relational and XML format where as the actual 3D images were stored in binary format.

@Mississippi State University

During my Masters program at Mississippi State University, I focused on projects at the Mitchell Memorial Library in the University. Over there I worked on designing new data models for University-Teacher-Student domain. I designed and built these models using Microsoft SQL Server. I worked on Student Timesheet Project, MSU Authors’ Project, Books Order Online Project.

As my Master’s Project, I focused on designing and developing software for automatic conversion and indexing of Genealogical references from WordPerfect documents into an XML database. I built a web-based search engine in ASP 3.0 to retrieve records from this XML database efficiently using SAX, XPath and XSLT. Finally the project got accolades in the Regional Genealogy Fair.

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