Knowledge through learning, teaching and mentoring

Cloud Computing

Large Scale Distributed Processing, Data Warehouses

Database Systems

Query Languages, Query Processing & Optimization

Database Design

Data Modeling, Data Integration, Data Infrastructure

Programming Languages

Java, Scala, C#, Python

Instructor@Arizona State University

I had the honor of teaching for a full class for 4 semesters. During my 2-year Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) certification, I designed the course curriculum, prepared instructional material and assignments for 2 semesters. Then during my one year as postdoctoral research fellow at ASU, I enhanced the course curriculum by introducing new topics such as Java programming using Android SDK for smartphones and C# programming using Visual Studio 2010

Courses Taught

ACO 102: Principles of Computer Science

Spring 2012, Fall 2011, Spring 2009, Fall 2008

Teaching Assistant@Arizona State University

During my Ph.D. @ASU, I assisted professors by enhancing the curriculum, designing assignments and the associated rubrics, and the assessment of the assignments for the undergraduate courses. I also held office hours in the computing lab @ASU, West to guide student learning on assignments in a professional manner. 

Courses Taught

ACO 100: Overview of Applied Computing

Fall 2007

ACO 101: Introduction to Computer Science

Spring 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2008, Fall 2007

ACO 102: Principles of Computer Science

Spring 2008, Fall 2007

ACO 320: Database Systems and Transaction Processing

Fall 2007

ACO 420: Object Databases

Spring 2008

My Teaching Philosophy

I am a teacher by practice. This is the best way to make the theoretical foundation strong. Learn the theory first to understand the concepts and practice by examples to reinforce the concepts. I have designed assignments and projects based on these practices by creating new scenarios for programming, new data models for database systems and new computational requirements for distributed and cloud computing.

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