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Welcome to my data discovery blog! This is the first time I have started writing blogs. Here you will find my articles on technical topics like databases, query processing, data modeling, distributed computing and programming. That’s the technical part. However, I will also be writing about my adventures in Photography and visiting places. For e.g., all the images you see on this website and on the blogs are taking by me. 

Recently I have engaged in becoming healthy and staying fit. To that measure, I started regular exercise like walking at least 3-4 miles a day or doing 5K, 10K runs. I have not reached the level of Half or Full Marathon. But I am practicing towards that. So I will be posting about my running experiences as well. Finally, I will write my personal opinions on finance management, investments and other topics that I find interesting.

All the views expressed on this website and in the blogs are my own and based on my personal experiences. Please follow them on your own risk and judgements.

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